Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

Zynga repeat success with FrontierVille farmville

After the successful release of the game zynga Farmville, Zynga though never satisfied. Leading developer of social games on Facebook is again poured FrontierVille, Launched by SFGate this game allows gamers to create a 'family tree' virtually, including creating children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Like Farmville, in FrontierVille, gamers are required to build a life.

In a statement the Zynga, which created a virtual partner to build a place to live, to survive by farming, bad weather, and socializing with neighbors every harinya.Ini is the first social game that was created Zynga pascakepindahan them to East Studio in Baltimore.

This game could be called a blend of Farmville, The Sims, Oregon Trail, and Little House on the Prairie.Zynga hope the game will follow the success of Farmville. Virtual simulation game has been played on local agriculture by an estimated 70.2 million users per month. Even the Treasure Isle, which was launched in April has attracted 24.6 million users per month.

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