Kamis, 17 Juni 2010

Plan the release of Xbox 360 Slim

I think the Microsoft Corporation will not want to lose to rival the sony corporation, because it's the microsoft corporation officially meluncrukan newest gaming console, Xbox 360 slim to the U.S. market in the event the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. Newest consoles are priced at approximately USD299, similar to its predecessor generation PS 3 consoles thin slim has a room capacity of approximately 250 GB hard drive.
Along with the launch of the Xbox 360 slim, Microsoft also introduced the motion control system on the Xbox 360 named 'Kinect'. motion control system formerly known as Project Christmas is sometimes a combination of 'kinetic' and 'connect'. The plan, Kinect will be launched in November 2010. At least Microsoft said today there are approximately 15 games that support motion control system Kinect including Star Wars, the Disney games, dance game from MTV, and Kinect Sports.Hingga now Microsoft has not officially launched the sale price 'Kinect' is. "You want so you can do the same in the real world, you can move and you can speak, everyone can jump in and play," said Creative Director Kinect Tsunado.Nantinya Kudo, through Kinect someone can give voice commands like 'Xbox play music '. In addition Kinect will also provide support to the Xbox can connect to facebook and the Xbox Live Internet.

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