Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

For: NDS

Makes the alarm rings automatically:
Click on the button 'ABXYLRYXBA' in the proper order to be active cheat wheezes.

Alternate ending Massage:
Beat the game using the characters Mario, Luigi, and Bowser with all the character berlevel 40.

Alternate ending massage again:
Beat the game with mario or luigi character at level 17 or below.

Advice patch:
Rank 'A' in the spin pipe.

Bro sock:
Rank 'A' in Yoo Who Cannon.

Challenge medal:
Rank 'A' in the green shell.

Dare Devil boots:
Rank 'A' in the jump helmet.

Dizzy Boots:
Rank 'A' in a super bouncer.

Siphon Gloves:
Rank 'A' in the magic window.

Bone fangs:
Rank 'A' in a corps challenge Koopa.

Fury band:
Rank 'A' in Bobomb challenge.

Heroic ring:
Rank 'A' in magikoopa challenge.

Master of war:
Rank 'A' in all the challenge.

King shell:
Rank 'A' in all the challenge.

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