GTA V di Release tahun ini

Tanggal Release GTA V.

Sony bakal membanned Software ilegal PS3

Sony akan membanned secara permanen pada para pengguna software ilegal Playstation 3.

EA mengalami kerugian pada tahun kemarin

ahun kemarin (2012) merupakan tahun yang buruk bagi EA. Perusahaan tersebut mengungkapkan bahwa mereka telah mengalami kerugian sebesar $45 millar hanya untuk...

Skullgirls telah tersedia untuk PC.

Skullgirls telah tersedia untuk console Xbox 360 dan PS3 beberapa waktu lalu.

Battlefield 4 di tahun ini ?

Battlefield 4 di tahun ini ?

Senin, 22 Maret 2010

PS2 Console that has lost its glory

Is not foreign to us with the name of the PS2 Console, almost everyone Never play PS2 at that time. At the time of the year 2008 the PS2 is still ranked users although there is little new console called NDS and Wii releases. the emergence of the PS3, XBOX 360, and PC with a new processor, new VGA and new gadget2, With Rumors are consumers no longer siding with the PS2. These companies are always berlanggannan in favor of the PS2 is a very Popular Console2 and ignoring the PS2, Indeed there are few companies that still use the PS2 but new games are just old PS one game for PS2 Released birthday, Example: Tales of Shymphonia, and game2 the former PS one. Games are no longer three-dimensional but one or two dimensions, very sad for us who ever played this Console.
According to an outstanding rating:
3.XBOX 360

Although the PS2 which once ranked # 1 but most of the PS2 fell on the ranking of her sisters (PS3, PSP). And until now the PS2 is only considered a sink or Console Console is no longer NextGen.

Two characters from Gears of war will appear in Lost Planet 2

Capcom has made ​​a surprise return to consumers some time ago, Xbox Live Video Market Place displays something about the Lost Planet 2 is quite inviting sign in Treaser tanya.Pasalnya mentioned perlihatkan2 Gears of Wars character is Marcus Fenix ​​and his friend Dom, turns out they are just a bonus playable character.

This is confirmed by the designer Cliff Bleszinski gears of war who said that he gave permission to the company Capcom to show Marcus and Dom as a cameo in Lost Planet 2. Most likely the emergence of Marcus And His buddy Dom is only restricted for XBOX 360 Console only. Unclear if Capcom will also give an exclusive character for the PS3 and PC version later.

Supreme Commander 2

Developer: Gas Powered Games
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Release: Maret 2010
For: Pc

When Supreme Commander was first released in 2007, until now there has never been more RTS games (Real-Time Strategy) The count is very large battle.
Supreme commander 2 appears to give a variety of changes and new features.

Developer explains, Game one will feature a storyline that more focused and more detailed ^ _ ^. The new Campaign will be presented for a single game is made for the gaming experience more entertaining than the game Supreme Commander 1.

starting from the gameplay is very dynamic, technology systems that Replaces many, the battle Faster and More Intense than the previous series of Supreme Commander.

for the quality of the graphics there is a slight increase

Minimum specs for this game:
Processor:2.4GHz Dual core atau AMD 64 X2 3000+
Ram:1gb/2gb untuk vista
VGA:256mb dengan pixel shader 3.0
Operating System:Win XP SP3/Win vista/Win 7

Dragon age origins: Awakening

Publisher:Electronic Arts
Release:April 2010
Untuk:PC,PS3,XBOX 360

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening is the first official expansion for the game on the release of Dragon Age origins, just give a little extra Game saja.Bisa said Awakening tells an epic story in the world of Dragon age.Event that occurred in the Awakening megisahkan after battling with The Blight (Final bos) Ends, the protagonist in this game is one of the Grey Waden Amaranthine city.

Grey gamers as Waden assigned to investigate what actually happened after the fight with The Blight Berakhir.pada expansion of this new gamers will fight a new enemy which is The Architect, The Architect is very different from the forces Darkspawn because he is very clever, very sneaky , and likes to give orders to the troops Darkspawn.

Awakening to a new gameplay that is the maximum level will be played, a new class, new spells, new folower NPC, and various weapons baru.berbagai new monsters will inhabit the population in the Awakening, including some of which is the Inferno Golem and Spectral Dargon.Bloware said that two monsters are promised will provide a challenge and battle the whole game epik.Secara this one has to give a gameplay with a large scale when compared than the previous DLC.

there is little improvement has been added to the game this one.

Minimum specs for this game:
Processor: 2.4GHz or Dual Core AMD64 X2 3000 +
Ram: 1GB/2GB for vista
VGA: 256mb with pixel shader 3.0
Operating system: Windows XP SP3/Windows Vista / Windows 7
:6-8GB HDD

Kane&Lynch 2 Dog Days

Developer:IO Interactive
Publisher:Eidos interactive
Genre:Action Shooter
Release:TBA 2010

Kane & Lynch is a game series that has a concept quite menarik.pada story first series Kane and Lynch is a pair of mercenary hired by a mysterious group called The 7 because of the expertise Kane and Lynch is pretty good, and very familiar with the weapons.

Storyline in Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days tells Lynch who has long left the kane, and eventually went to Shanghai to return bertemu.Lynch not just aiming for big jobs but also aims to live with her daughter.

to the gameplay is quite different from previous versions, the game has undergone various changes one adalh change AL is made to be very aggressive and more intelligent in dealing with combat situations IO Interactive is promising Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days will present the action scenes together tembakyang more cinematic, intense and more exciting than sebelumnya.pandangan camera can vibrate when there is an explosion, the effect will be seen splattered blood on the camera lens waw !!!!! and various other effects.

This game comes with the visual changes that have enhanced graphics, and a variety of features baru.Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days featuring very relistik shanghai city, ranging from details of buildings up to the terms cities percahayaan.

My advice this game looks very promising for those who want to try this action-packed shooter game, but the game only for Adults because the effect of spurting blood-spattered camera, harsh words and lain2.

Minimum specs for this game:
Processor: 3.0GHz single-core or AMD64 X2 2600 +
Ram: 1GB/2GB for
VGA: 512MB with Pixel Shader 3.0 (same as GTA IV)
Operating System: Windows XP SP3/Windows Vista / Windows 7
:6-8GB HDD