Senin, 22 Maret 2010

PS2 Console that has lost its glory

Is not foreign to us with the name of the PS2 Console, almost everyone Never play PS2 at that time. At the time of the year 2008 the PS2 is still ranked users although there is little new console called NDS and Wii releases. the emergence of the PS3, XBOX 360, and PC with a new processor, new VGA and new gadget2, With Rumors are consumers no longer siding with the PS2. These companies are always berlanggannan in favor of the PS2 is a very Popular Console2 and ignoring the PS2, Indeed there are few companies that still use the PS2 but new games are just old PS one game for PS2 Released birthday, Example: Tales of Shymphonia, and game2 the former PS one. Games are no longer three-dimensional but one or two dimensions, very sad for us who ever played this Console.
According to an outstanding rating:
3.XBOX 360

Although the PS2 which once ranked # 1 but most of the PS2 fell on the ranking of her sisters (PS3, PSP). And until now the PS2 is only considered a sink or Console Console is no longer NextGen.

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