Minggu, 04 April 2010

No More Heroes: Heroes'Paradise

Developer: Feel Plus
Publisher: TBA
Genre: Action
Release: 2010
For: PS3 dan XBOX 360

Again and again the PS3 gets games that are attractive enough that No More Heroes: Heroes'Paradise, rumors have been circulating about this game saying that No More Heroes: Heroes'Paradise many interesting perhatian.mulai of storyline, gameplay, and until grafispun gag penting.keterangan lost more see below:

Told that the protagonist is named Travis Touchdown managed to get a weapon Beam katana and began his career as an assassin profesional.Kali this task given to the protagonist is killed a drifter named Helter Skelter, which is currently the Assassin Association, but now the presence of Sylvia Christel create problems new life.

Gamers can now play a mode called "very sweet" mode featuring the women in No More Heroes: Heroes'Paradise in a very sexy and also use a swimsuit. Voice acting throughout the game have been changed to Classic to japanese.

Compared to the old series sepetinya newest series No More Heroes: Heroes'Paradise offers High Defintion view.

I think that has a PS3 should buy this game, this game worth the play and is very worthy to be collected.

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