Selasa, 06 April 2010

Stitch Jam

Publisher:Cattle Call
Release:Maret 2010
For: NDS

in line with new episodes in the series tc Stitch, Disney also launched a new adventure story.

This time Stitch will go to a tropical island in outer space along with his girlfriend Angel, Enemy magnitude Stitch Stitch is Dr.Hamsterviel were followed up from behind and managed to kidnap angel. Now Stitch will be revenge because his girlfriend has been kidnapped by a rival.

For the gameplay is very funny because it is closely related to music, walk in side scrolling games and gamers have to capture, shoot, and also mengkoleksikan musical tones to make this also have the additional support in co-op multiplayer via wi-fi and kustumisasi feature where gamers can fiddle Stitch costumes and accessories that have been acquired within the game.

This game uses graphics 2 Dimensi

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