GTA V di Release tahun ini

Tanggal Release GTA V.

Sony bakal membanned Software ilegal PS3

Sony akan membanned secara permanen pada para pengguna software ilegal Playstation 3.

EA mengalami kerugian pada tahun kemarin

ahun kemarin (2012) merupakan tahun yang buruk bagi EA. Perusahaan tersebut mengungkapkan bahwa mereka telah mengalami kerugian sebesar $45 millar hanya untuk...

Skullgirls telah tersedia untuk PC.

Skullgirls telah tersedia untuk console Xbox 360 dan PS3 beberapa waktu lalu.

Battlefield 4 di tahun ini ?

Battlefield 4 di tahun ini ?

Kamis, 27 Mei 2010

Cheat Mass Effect 2

For: PS3, XBOX 360, PC.

Bonus 25% Experience:
Finish the game using whatever level, all the characters will get an additional 25% bonus experience.

New Colors for Party members:
Loyalty Complete missions on each member.

Unlock Loyalty Skills:
Complete the missions for each ² Loyalty members to open their individual skills.

Revenge! (15):
Increase the loyalty of the mercenary.

Against All Odds (15):
Endure and survive in suicide missions.

Weapon Specialist (15):
Full upgrades for all weapons.

Colony Defense (25):
Maintain a human colony from attack by the enemy.

Game in the eyes of children

Many children aged 5 to already be playing a game whether it's a violent game or other adventures and, That's because a child has a console or as invited by his brother. Parents think it was just a normal thing because it is only an entertainment for the kids, but the game has a type that is: Violence, Adventure, Racing, War, and others. Of all the ratings it's game-type violence that is very dangerous because it can be imitated by the child, this type of game ever imitated by adolescents in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. But in addition there are more violent type of games that resemble the type of pornographic games such as P*ayboy the mansion, S*ven's s*ns, and many more, From all the above types of games that we have to look after younger siblings, brother, grandfather, grandmother, mbah great-grandparent, grandchild, great-grandchildren, and all the people we care about.

Rabu, 12 Mei 2010

Trik Harvest Moon Friend of Mineral Town

Request By : Flame-film

# Harvest Goddess mini-game

At the beginning of the year while using your TV, if you press Right (2), Up or down stream fast New Media, and Time, you will play a mini-game with the Harvest Goddess. In it, you must be sure if the next question is higher or lower then the last number. The better you do, the better your prize. This is a somewhat difficult game, but can be played five times a day during the first five days in the spring. Go to to your TV and press Left until you see the Harvest Goddess. If you pass her up, just press Left until you see anymore. Prizes for this game are as follows:

1 win: None
2 wins: A type of grass or herb
3-9 win: Unknown
10-14 wins: Relaxation Tea Leaves
15-19 wins: Hand Lotion
20-24 wins: Water
25-29 wins: Organ
30-39 wins: Perfume
40-49 wins: Pre-wrapped Dress
50-59 wins: Golden Log (put in shelf and never outside)
60-69 wins: Fish Fossil (sell for 5,000)
70-79 wins: Treasure Box (sell for 10,000)
80-89 wins: Ketchup Recipe
90-99 wins: Fried Potato Recipe
100 wins: A Book

# How to get Money

On the day of the Horse Racing Festival, get a basket and proceed to Rose Square. Make a bet on the race and try to win 300 medals. At the end of the festival, spoke with the Mayor and exchange your Medals for Truffles and place them all in your basket. Leave Rose Square, then place your Basket in the Shipment Box. Continue the game as normal afterwards. When Gotz picks it up the next day, you will earn 15000 G.

A good way to build up some profits is to take Orichalc Ore found in the Spring Mine to the blacksmith with 1,000 G. Ask him to make the jewelry. Back after he finished and took it. Then, put it in the shipping box and sold it for 2,000 G. Repeat the process with more ore as much as desired.

Start with 10,000 G and baskets. On one day of horse racing, take the basket to one of the entrances of the Rose Plaza. Save the game. Take the basket with you and go to the Mayor. Have him start each race, but do not bet on them yet. Write down or remember who won the race. Reload the saved game just before you go to the mayor and bet on the winning horse. This should be the same winners unless there is an extreme change in the winners pay out multiplier, such as 5 or less jumping to 13, and another horse getting very low or close to the number of winners. Bet as much as desired. The pay outs are usually very close to what they are every time you reload the game. You should get lots of medals this way. Purchase the brooch for 18 medals. Fill up the basket if you can. Leave the horse races after all three finished. Take the basket and dump it into your shipping bin. The next day when Zack picks up your belongings, he will comment on having so much there for him. The money will come from the brooches you just sold for 2,000 G each. If you do not win that many race medals, or want to try again, reload the saved game and start over.

Go to the Fall horse race and bet an even amount on all contestants. You can get a necklace for 20 medals, then sell at a price of 2000 G. For example, with Hephestus, bet 10 medals (cost 500 G) and 60 medals. This is worth 6000 G, 500 G multiplied by four is only 2000 G, giving you the advantage. Note: This will not work only if the winner is x2, but then you'll break even. Having a large backpack is recommended.
# Help from Harvest Sprites

To get help from the Harvest Sprites, each providing a lot of bread, which you can buy at the supermarket. Gnome love bread. After you feed them, their heart points should rise to 3. Now you can ask them to do your work (watering, caring for animals, harvesting), or you can play games with them. Do not forget to give them some bread each week (one piece for each) to maintain their heart level. Note: Buy them flour instead of bread. It is cheaper and they like it more. You can get 18 flours or 9 bread for the same price.
# Chickens

Build a fence on your field and there will be someone who will throw you a chicken in there. Because they are stuck there, they can not walk around the farm and hard to find. They also will find their own food in the same area everyday, so you do not have to feed them.
# Horse

When you get your horse, Required to always talk and brush. As an adult we need a fairly long period of time, in two or three days Barley will appear. If you do not take care of your horse, he will accept it.
# Golden Lumber

Once you are a friend of Thomas', he will come to you with a bit of a problem. He will say that he got into a game and he will use to lie with the Mayor next town over and needs you to get him an item. You have until 19:00 if you want to help him. He will come to your home, so be outside. Your reward is a part of Golden Lumber. Whenever this happens, it is a different item. Try storing various items, such as truffles and bracelets. To get Gold Lumber, have 999 Wood in your shed. Gotz will sell 100,000 G Gold Lumber for each. This seems a lot, but it will not rot.
# Kappa and the Power Berry

During any season except for Winter, throw two cucumbers in the lake near the mountain. A Kappa will appear and ask to be left alone. For the next ten days, go to the lake and drop one cucumber each day. On the tenth day, Kappa will give you a blue Power Berry that doubles the amount of fatigue that you can take.
# Mystic Tools

Once you get the Town Cottage, there will be a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors with the Harvest Goddess every Saturday on the left channel. If you lose 41 times, he'll give you a Mystic Stone. It looks like a black branch. Take this to Blacksmith with 50,000 gold and select the tool you want to be upgraded. Note: It is best to play this game before 2:00 or the Harvest Goddess may not want to play.
# Spinach

During the second year, sometimes in the fall, you will get a letter in the mail from the store stating that they now have Spinach for sale. You may not get it until you ship enough crops or something similar.
# Truffles and mushrooms

When you become (Carter priest) friend, you will enter the church. He will be in front of the desk. Zack will come and say that he had found what he wanted. Carter became very happy, and they will continue to talk. After that, the door on the right will open. In the Fall, you can find two truffles, a poison mushroom and a normal mushroom.
# White Flowers

A few days in the summer, when you become friends with Ellen (Stu and Elle's grandmother), and entered the house, he will say that Basil should be coming here. He came in and said that he will tell you about a rare flower. He said that the flower is the White Flower and that it only grows on a summer's night on the mountain. He later said it would make him happy if he could see again before he died. Flowers is located at the peak of Mother's Hill.
# Mountain Cottage

Stay married for fifty happy years. Your wife will decide to get you a Mountain Cottage on Mothers Hill.
# Mines

The stairs leading to the next level are never found next to the wall in the mine. They also never found next to the stairs before. If you give the Harvest Goddess (in the water to the right of the Spring Mine) gifts that she likes, you will be able to go deeper in the mine. Just throw it in the water. She likes anything that can be harvested from your farm, including the flowers that you find around the Mountain.
# Seaside House

Use a link cable to connect the game to Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on GameCube to get stars from the Goddess. Repeatedly link to that game until you get all 42 stars to unlock the Seaside House at the beach.
# Teleport Stone

After three years on the farm a new item called the Teleport Stone can be found on the floor 255 Spring Mine. Teleport Stone can be used to teleport to any area in the game, even for the Winter Mine when it is not Winter.
# Fence

Do not build a fence outside on your soil to store your chickens. Your fence can be damaged. Instead, build a fence out of stones. Collect stones from your garden and build a stone fence the same way you would build a regular wooden fence. This will keep your chickens safe, and will not prevent a wild dog from breaking through the stone fence to scare your chickens.
# Bed time

When you marry, your wife will go to bed at 8:00 am
# Elli

Elli loves milk. Ellie also likes Magic Grass that is found in the fall.
# Karen

The easiest girl in town to befriend is Karen from the supermarket. To get her to like you, give her lots of wine. She also likes fruit, but the wine works the best. When your friendship increases, there will be a sequence in which he received a special wine from her father and handed over the bottle. Save it, and on her birthday (Fall 15), wrap the wine in the supermarket and give it. This will provide a huge boost in the relationship.
# Mary

To get Mary to like you, give her Blue Grass every day (at least two) and talk to her twice. It will give at least a blue heart by Summer in the first year.
# Popuri

Use the following steps to get Popuri to like you in one year. First, go to the "Bee's Nest" in the tree in your farm and get honey. . Grab your honey and go to the Harvest Goddess Lake (the one with the waterfall) 08:00 to 10:00 Popuri and Ann will be there. Give the honey to Popuri (it is one of her favorite things) then talk to her twice. Then, go to the Poultry Farm (where Popuri lives) 11:00 to 4:00 and talked to her twice again. Giving her another gift is optional.
# Get a girlfriend

If you want a certain girl to be your girlfriend, make sure you bring the things he likes at least once daily. Find out what the schedule is, so you know what she is doing at any time of day. Always talk to her and bring her some of the plants you grow. If he does not like anything you give her, do not give it to him again.
Avoiding the problem of plants and animals

Save the game before you go to bed, just in case you forget to feed the animals, water your plants, etc. You can only turn off your game, restart, and re-doing what forget the first time.
# Harvest of plants was

Note that if you plant seeds then water nine spaces with a level 2 or higher watering can, you will not be able to reach the plants in the middle without cutting a stalk from the side. However, if you recruit a Harvest Sprite to harvest crops for you, can walk through the plant and harvest the middle. This is only useful for crops that can be harvested more than once though.
# Grumpy

Buy a lot of Gold Lumber, then put it in your field. The next day, an event will occur in which almost every character will visit and yell at you. This includes the Mayor.
# No fatigue with tools

At certain events, the clock in the lower right will be lost. When you now use the tool, it will not take down your fatigue. This makes it easier to bless some cursed tools by just swinging a lot.
# Winery sign

The sign on the Winery says that it is closed on Sundays only. However, actually closed on Saturdays.
# Supermarket opening time

On the World Map, if you choose Supermarket will open at 9:00 am saying that, but it really opens at 8:00 am
# Gem Of Truth

There are three special gems that help with your fatigue and strength that you can get by gathering nine pieces of each of them. The most difficult part is to get the Gem Of Truth. The pieces are found in these locations:

Look on your Dog House roof.
Check through the water at the Horse Barn you.
Securities for 1,000 medals at the Horse Races.
Buy from Won for 50,000 G.
Check one of the lamppost between the Church and Rose Plaza.
In Mary's library, second floor set, the middle shelf, farthest one to the right.
Play New Year's game show on television inside Town Cottage.
Drops from the calendar in the Mountain Cottage.
Take all of them to Thomas' house and check the refrigerator.

# Feature plants

For Spring you should buy turnips. They're cheap, but they grow most quickly make them worth every dollar.

For Summer, buy pineapples from Won.

For autumn, buy sweet potatoes. They re-grow in two days and have a high selling price.

# Recipes

Apple Jam: Apple Pot with Sugar
Grape Jam: Apple Pot with Grape
Salad: Carrot, Turnip, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber and Knife (Vinegar?)
Moon cake: cake and Milk Powder
Mayo: Whisk eggs and vinegar
Fries: Oil Potato Knife and Frying Pan (Karen liked this recipe)
Boiled Egg: Egg and Pot.

Warner Bros. Unleashes Plans for F.3.A.R

From what has been widely circulated to cancel the project Activision Vivendi merger valued For the range of billion dollars at the time of the year 2008, one party took advantage of that is the Monolith Entertainment. Now Warner Bros. has the right to make a sequel, this issue is still little to do with it. As has been found by the community NeoGAF forums and FEAR 3 will be displayed in a game magazine is very well known in the State of Spain next month, according to a teaser that are listed as if the WB has come and determine an judal named F.3.AR Scan images also showed an antagonistic character of Alma Kiddo will appear with a small child, the picture also said there was a man armed with a pistol and have long hair that may become a member of the Encounter Assault Recon team first.

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Trik Rohan Online:Status Build

Request By : uch sasule

Di Rohan Online memiliki 6 bangsa berbeda dimana setiap bangsa masing² memiliki 1 profesi dasar dan 2 profesi selanjutnya, Setiap profesi memiliki keunikan tersendiri dengan Status build.Dibawah ini adalah tips yang dikumpulkan dari berbagai macam sumber untuk pengembangan karakter Rohan.

-Dark Elf:
1.Wizard :
Profesi ini mempunyai beberapa serangan yang akan menggunakan status Psyche dan mempunyai serangan area, Profesi wizard sebenarnya mempunyai keunggulan dalam hal PVE ataupun dalam Party serta mempunyai beberapa skill yang bisa diandalkan dalam sebuah party.

Status yang akan dipakai oleh wizard:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 3:1 (Psyche : Vitality).
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 4:2 (Psyche : Vitality).
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 6:2 atau 4:4 (Psyche : Vitality).

Untuk beberapa pemain yang memiliki Lvl 1-50 terkadang ada yang mengambil status Full Intelligence, Hal ini akan Berdampak pada serangan yang kuat namun pertahanan dan jumlah HP akan sangatlah kecil. Maka disarankan harus menggunakan armor yang menambah HP atau pertahanan fisik yang sangat tinggi.

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Warlock:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 3:1 (Intelligence : Vitality).
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 4:2 (Intelligence : Vitality).
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 6:2 atau 4:4 (Intelligence : Vitality).

Avenger menggunakan status Agility sebagai status utama dikarenakan bangsa ini memanfaatkan status Agility sabagai damage kritikal yang tinggi, Serangan seorang Avenger mempunyai banyak skill banyak skill yang menaikan kritikal dan dasar kritikal serta hindaran yang berbasis pada status Agility.

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Avenger:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 3:1 (Agility : Vitality).
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 4:2 (Agility : Vitality).
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 6:2 (Agility : Vitality).

Predator sangatlah mirip dengan Avenger hanya saja status Strength, Profesi ini sangat membantu pemain dalam melakukan PVP. Dan Profesi Predator ini akan menggunakan kemampuan Khususnya dengan menggunakan Trap dalam PVP.

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Predator:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 3:1 (Strength : Vitality) Full Dexterity setiap naik 5 Level.
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 4:2 (Strength : Vitality) Full Dexterity setiap naik 5 Level.
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 4:4 (Strength : Vitality) Full Dexterity setiap naik 4 Level.

Untuk seorang Priest Status Psyche merupakan status wajib, Priest ini membuat Anda mampu memaksimalkan kemampuan Heal dan Buff support lainnya tetapi bukan berarti Priest tidak dapat menyerang. Mereka memiliki serangan berdasarkan Psyche dan beberapa skill yang akan mengurangi kerusakan yang akan diterima berdasarkan status Psyche.

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Priest:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 3:1 (Psyche : Vitality).
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 4:2 (Psyche : Vitality).
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 6:2 (Psyche : Vitality).

Profesi ini memiliki kemampuan mengubah serangan magic menjadi serangan jarak dekat, Templar mampu memberikan serangan yang besar terhadap musuh yang mempunyai pertahanan fisik ataupun magic.

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Templar:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 3:1 (Intelligence : Vitality).
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 4:2 (Intelligence : Vitality).
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 7:1 (Intelligence : Vitality).

1.Dragon Knight:
Dragon Knight adalah profesi yang ahli dalam PVP, Mereka akan menggunakan serangan yang sangat cepat. Pertahanan yang baik mempunyai skill yang menambah besarnya kritikal yang didapat dari strenght dan Dexterity.
Dragon Knight sebenarnya ada 2 jenis yaitu:Dragon knight Full Vitality,Dragon knight tipe strength.

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Dragon knight Full Vitality:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 3:1 (Vitality : Strength).
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 4:2 (Vitality : Strength).
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 4:4 (Vitality : Strength).

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Dragon knight tipe strength:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 3:1 (Strength : Dexterity) dan Full VIT setiap 5 Level.
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 4:2 (Strength : Dexterity) dan Full VIT setiap 5 Level.
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 4:4 (Strength : Dexterity) dan Full VIT setiap 7 Level.

2.Dragon Sage:
Dragon Sage merupakan profesi yang mempunyai banyak skill pertahanan dan pada profesi ini status mereka dikategorikan 2 jenis yaitu Vitality atau Intelligence, Dan harus diperhatikan bahwa status Dexterity diperlukan sekitar 50-80 pada akhir Level agar lebih memudahkan untuk hunting (menaikan Level).

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Dragon Sage Full Vitality:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah Vitality = 4 setiap naik Level.
Lvl 51-70 ambillah Vitality = 6 setiap naik Level.
Lvl 71-99 ambillah Vitality = 8 setiap naik Level.

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Intelligence Dragon Sage:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 3:1 (Intelligence : Vitality).
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 4:2 (Intelligence : Vitality).
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 4:4 (Intelligence : Vitality).

-Human (Manusia):
Guardian memiliki dua dasar membangun karakter yaitu Strenght dan Dexterity, Kelebihan untuk Strength adalah mempunyai serangan dasar yang amat tinggi. Dan kelebihan Status Dexterity damage kritikal yang bergantung pada besarnya Dexterity.
Guardian memiliki dua jenis yaitu:

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Guardian Tipe Strength:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 3:1 (Strength : Dexterity).
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 4:2 (Strength : Dexterity).
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 4:4 (Strength : Dexterity).

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Guardian Tipe Dexterity:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 2:1:1 (Strength : Dexterity).
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 3:2:1 (Strength : Dexterity).
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 4:2:2 (Strength : Dexterity).

Profesi ini mempunyai pertahanan yang sangat tinggi dan Mereka bisa membuat build berdasarkan Vitality (mempunyai HP dan Pertahanan yang paling tinggi) atau status Strength (untuk build penghasil serangan).
Defender juga mempunyai 2 jenis yaitu:

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Defender Normal:
Lvl1-50 ambillah Vitality = 4 setiap naik Lvl
Lvl51-70 ambillah Vitality = 6 setiap naik Lvl
Lvl71-89 ambillah Vitality = 8 setiap naik Lvl
Lvl90-99 alihkan Point pada status Strength

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Defender Hybrid:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 2:1:1 (Strength : Vitality : Dexterity).
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 3:2:1 (Strength : Vitality : Dexterity).
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 4:2:2 (Strength : Vitality : Dexterity).

-Half Elf:
Ranger yang mempunyai status Dexterity sebagai dasar, Profesi ini sangatlah cocok untuk pemain yang suka dengan PVP dikarenakan mempunyai skill yang cukup banyak.

Status yang akan diambil oleh Ranger:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 3:1 (Dexterity : Vitality).
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 4:2 (Dexterity : Vitality).
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 6:2 (Dexterity : Vitality).

Scout memiliki Status yang sama seperti Ranger, Status utama Scout adalah Dexterity dan dapat ditambahkan Vitality sebagai pelengkap. Skill Scout cukup diandalkan Scout memiliki beberapa skill yaitu:Skill AOE dan serangan berkecepatan yang cukup tinggi.

Status yang akan dipakai oleh Scout:
Lvl 1-50 ambillah 3:1 (Dexterity : Vitality).
Lvl 51-70 ambillah 4:2 (Dexterity : Vitality).
Lvl 71-99 ambillah 5:3 (Dexterity : Vitality).

Nah dari semua itu adalah trik yang cukup membantu buat gamers yang memainkan Rohan dan semoga semua itu bermanfaat ^_^ .

Yakuza 5 masih dalam Pengerjaan

And 2 Months ago Sega Corporation has just released the U.S. version of Yakuza 3 (U.S.) or in Version JAP (Japanese) Ryu Ga Gotoku 3, and the 4th episode Recently released are in Version JAP (Japan) however seemed to be Sega Corporation pursued in a state of the deposit where several days before the release of Sega's Yakuza 4 Yakuza Corporation revealed that the game was just being developed for release after the Yakuza 4. And for a while called 'Project K' as reported by Famitsu (ie the crew of the Sega Corporation) in a press conference in Tokyo, If the owner of the main character is a young and maybe this game is a prequel which tells the lunge as Kazuma Kiryu as young teenagers?

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Tag dari sahabat

Kemarin dapet award sekarang dapet TAG, besok dapet apa lagi yah (berharap mode : on)? Ya pokoknya saya dapet TAG ini dari sahabat blogger saya yaitu dari Langsung aja saya ambil truz saya jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang ada.

Berikut pertanyaan TAG Membuka Diri :

1. Siapakah diri anda di rumah ?
-saya anaknya bokap n nyokap + adek dari brother saya

2. Siapakah diri anda menurut teman-teman anda ?

-Pemain Game

-Hacker kecil²an


-Pokoknya banyak deh :D

3. Sebutkan 5 benda yang diidamkan tetapi belum tercapai ?
- Pengen punya duit sendiri

-Pengen punya Laptop tapi gag kesampeyan :'(

-Pengen punya Drum sendiri

-Pengen punya mobil

-Pengen hajar orang kalau lagi bad mood,haha becanda :D

4. Siapakah nama pasangan anda ?
-Gag punya pacar maklum gag laku :D maunya punya pacar artis :D

5. Ceritakan 5 hal yang paling anda suka tentang pasangan anda.
-Dibilangin gag punya pacar!!!!! :D

-Dibilangin gag punya pacar!!!!! :D

-Dibilangin gag punya pacar!!!!! :D

-Dibilangin gag punya pacar!!!!! :D

-Dibilangin gag punya pacar!!!!! :D

6. Kapan anda menikah ?
-kapan² aja deh kawinnya kalo jadi Drummer No.1 di dunia ^_^

7. Apa kenangan pahit anda bersama pasangan anda ?
-aduh Dibilangin gag punya pacar!!!!! :D

8. Lagu tema cinta anda ?
-Avenged sevenfold : Deargod

-Avenged sevenfold : Bat country (biarpun bukan lagu cinta yang penting Rock n Roll :D)

-L'arc~en~ciel : Daybreak's Bell

-L'arc~en~ciel : Link

-System of a Down : Toxicity

9. Perubahan apa yang ingin anda lihat dari pasangan anda ?
-Saya gag punya PACAR!!!!! :D

10. Tag ke teman yang lain

-Rinda's Blog


-Ary putra


Semua udah saya jawab sesuai dengan apa yg mau saya jawab. Bagi temen yg udah tercantum/pernah ngisi TAG ini jangan di ambil yah, kan udah pernah ^_^

Plan the release of Kingdom Hearts 3

Since the advent of the Kingdom Hearts series 2 (which was released for the PS2) this game makes the hearts of gamers for the siding to the Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts And when the emergence of the latter (which for the PSP and NDS only) that is Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Ultimania PS2 Console no longer used for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Ultimania because the PS2 is not about that at the said NextGen Console. Tetsuya Nomura (the developer of this game) have provided detailed information about the Kingdom Heats 3 and Future plans for this one game series, he said that the development time of this game will be influenced by Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but development for the development to the next game already started running with this lancar.Game still uses the main character of Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora Xehanort that will end the saga and this game will still continue with the story of this main character is Sora, well now just waiting patiently if Kingdom Hearts 3 will also be released for PC or not.

Medal of Honor

Developer:EA Los Angeles / Dice
Publisher:Electronic Arts (EA)
Genre:1st Person Shooter
Release Date:2010
Untuk:PC,XBOX 360,PS3

Medal of Honor is a game that had become a legend in the gaming world and became one of the 1st Person Shooter games are popular, name of Medal of Honor that this is indeed the same as the old version but this game is a version in 2010.

With modern warfare setting Sehubungannya storyline of this game no longer uses the story of the war in world war antiquity, the story line the new Medal of Honor tells about the elite (not the troops who stingy ^ _ ^) called "Zerox" uh wrong. .... called "Tier one" which has been formed specifically to handle a very difficult mission.

Medal of Honor gameplay is very cool start to slip quietly ² defeating the enemy is not very loud noise at all, and Dice (Developer) will explain that setting the Medal of Honor will use a game that is often used by other ² of the territory of Afghanistan.

For graphics this game superior to the previous series, like the sea look like reality, which is very ² Detail streets once, and until the scene at the time in the morning is very charming.

I saranin that when collecting the game Medal of Honor this will surely satisfy gamers, because otherwise collect yah ..... What Gag ²: D

Minimum specs for this game:
Processor: 3.0 GHz single core (Pentium 4) or AMD64 3800 +
Ram: 1Gb/2Gb for Vista
VGA: 256 MB with Pixel Shader 3.0
Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
:6-8Gb HDD

Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

GTA IV Patch

As in saying that GTA IV is a game which is quite popular among gamers start in terms of graphics, gameplay, and storyline. Many say that GTA IV gameplay and storyline exists at a fairly realistic, but there is one thing that will make gamers get hurt the graphics are bad because the specifications are insufficient.
Here are the specifications that must be owned:

Processor:Intel Core 2 quad 2.6Ghz atau AMD Phenom X3 2.6Ghz
VGA:Nvidia Geforce 9600GT 1Gb atau ATi Radeon HD 4650 1Gb (meskipun 512mb masih tetap mendapatkan Grafis yang sedikit buruk)

the third is the most important specification for GTA IV, and when Rockstar heard it all eventually will release Rockstar Patches GTA IV ² made ​​up until now Rockstar released a new patch is This patch has its own benefits ranging from increased Graphics and Performance, If gamers want to download GTA IV Patch
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Resident Evil 5 Cheat

Tamatkan game ini untuk membuka Figurines dan Figurines ini bisa dilihat pada bonus Gallery.

Old-School Resident Evil Camera Mode:
Ketika Chapter di mulai berbaliklah dan mencoba membuka pintu depan, Lakukan sebanyak 3 kali dan tanda "?" akan muncul di layar.klik untuk mengaktifkan kamera klasik.

Play as Jill Valentine:
Selesaikan skenario dalam tingkat kesulitan apa saja menggunakan Chris Redfield dan gamer akan dapat dapat menggunakan Character Jill Valentine.Dia akan memiliki beberapa jalan yang berbeda yang harus diambil.

It's Just a Bad Dream! (Bronze) :
Selesaikan 'Lost in Nightmares' dengan S rank.

Kung Fu Fighting (Bronze) :
Menimbulkan damage pada Wesker dalam 'Lost in Nightmares'.

Must've Got Lost (Bronze) :
Selesaikan 'Lost in Nightmares' dalam tingkat kesulitan apa saja.

Night Terrors (Silver) :
Selesaikan 'Lost in Nightmares' dalam tingkat kesulitan Professional.

Wish Upon a Star (Bronze) :
Hancurkan semua 18 bintang yang data ditemukan di seluruh area 'Lost in Nightmares'.