Rabu, 12 Mei 2010

Warner Bros. Unleashes Plans for F.3.A.R

From what has been widely circulated to cancel the project Activision Vivendi merger valued For the range of billion dollars at the time of the year 2008, one party took advantage of that is the Monolith Entertainment. Now Warner Bros. has the right to make a sequel, this issue is still little to do with it. As has been found by the community NeoGAF forums and FEAR 3 will be displayed in a game magazine is very well known in the State of Spain next month, according to a teaser that are listed as if the WB has come and determine an judal named F.3.AR Scan images also showed an antagonistic character of Alma Kiddo will appear with a small child, the picture also said there was a man armed with a pistol and have long hair that may become a member of the Encounter Assault Recon team first.

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