Kamis, 27 Mei 2010

Game in the eyes of children

Many children aged 5 to already be playing a game whether it's a violent game or other adventures and, That's because a child has a console or as invited by his brother. Parents think it was just a normal thing because it is only an entertainment for the kids, but the game has a type that is: Violence, Adventure, Racing, War, and others. Of all the ratings it's game-type violence that is very dangerous because it can be imitated by the child, this type of game ever imitated by adolescents in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. But in addition there are more violent type of games that resemble the type of pornographic games such as P*ayboy the mansion, S*ven's s*ns, and many more, From all the above types of games that we have to look after younger siblings, brother, grandfather, grandmother, mbah great-grandparent, grandchild, great-grandchildren, and all the people we care about.

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