Sabtu, 08 Mei 2010

Plan the release of Kingdom Hearts 3

Since the advent of the Kingdom Hearts series 2 (which was released for the PS2) this game makes the hearts of gamers for the siding to the Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts And when the emergence of the latter (which for the PSP and NDS only) that is Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Ultimania PS2 Console no longer used for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Ultimania because the PS2 is not about that at the said NextGen Console. Tetsuya Nomura (the developer of this game) have provided detailed information about the Kingdom Heats 3 and Future plans for this one game series, he said that the development time of this game will be influenced by Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but development for the development to the next game already started running with this lancar.Game still uses the main character of Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora Xehanort that will end the saga and this game will still continue with the story of this main character is Sora, well now just waiting patiently if Kingdom Hearts 3 will also be released for PC or not.

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  1. Yahhh~ Sayang banget.
    Itu berarti Kingdom Heart 3 ga akan dirilis buat PS2 dong :(
    Should cry for this TT_TT