Sabtu, 10 April 2010

Splinter Cell Conviction

Developer:Ubisoft Montreal
Release:April 2010
For: PC, PS3, XBOX 360.

Like the previous Splinter Cell series, Ubisoft is always a surprise to fans of Splinter Cell with the storyline, gameplay, graphics are improved and more cool.

In Splinter Cell Conviction tells the story of Sam Fisher is known as the main character has been used as a fugitive by the Third Echelon because of a dirty mind penetrated into the brain Third Echelon.

Series one is no longer using weapons ² in the previous series but we have to do the skill and intuition to avoid pursuit by the Enemy, and also hid in keramaian.Selain that the main character can tell which civilians or where the Third Echelon, although initially not Gamer will use a variety of sophisticated equipment, but the farther the games played ² Gamers can get the sophisticated equipment used in the previous series.

Graphics This game is not as important, a matter of not losing a lot of graphics previous series just cool.

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