Rabu, 21 April 2010

The history of Grand theft auto

Which not gamers know the name game Grand Theft Auto, not sure if do not know Gamer. "Grand theft auto" or just straight abbreviated to "GTA" into Game 1 air-Genre Sanbox because the game often played Adults, Adolescents, and even children playing. Although this game has a rating of more violence still not be left off of the old gamers are still small children and for those who have children, sisters, cousins, and even grandchildren who were aged 1-16 years should not be given.
Because too many series of "GTA" many also played (, Immediately, I mentioned below:

GTA London 1989:
"GTA London" is the beginning of all series of "GTA," Although the graphics are not flashy but still there is a play like me ^ _ ^.

GTA 1:
"GTA 1" game that there is little development from the gameplay, the graphics are pretty ride, and the situation of the city there are also changes.

GTA 2:
"GTA 2" as well as of "GTA 1" but the graphics, gameplay, and the city remains unchanged ^ _ ^. This game is quite famous in antiquity because quite interesting ranging from nubruk ² to shoot people and people with weapons.

GTA 3:
"GTA 3" was the beginning of the series "GTA" are starting to use 3 dimensional, but it's also a pretty interesting gameplay and the cities mentioned Liberty City.

GTA Vice City:
"GTA Vice City" game that I played at the beginning I had a PS2 hehe ^ _ ^, this game has the gameplay is quite interesting until graphics are quite charming Due to city-owned "GTA Vice City" is the beach but this game is cause girls ² beaches dressed bikini yes ..... HOT ² can say is .....

GTA San Andreas:
"GTA San Andreas" game to this day still played by gamers who were aged under 16 years: '(, this game had enough controversy for one of this game has the Sex mini-game mod that her name not be mentioned because of the danger! ! and girls dressed in Hot ² main game is quite dangerous for gamers aged under 16 years.

GTA Berlin:
"Berlin GTA" games that are not recognized by gamers due to pe-rilisannya not proclaim, this game is like GTA San Andreas, but there is no element of A * ualnya and this game has a different city.

GTA Liberty City Stories:
"GTA Liberty City Stories" which was re-released game from PSP to PS2, this game has the same character in GTA Vice City and this game has the graphics are the same as GTA 3, the gameplay is also similar to GTA 3, so less good for me to play.

GTA Vice City Stories:
"GTA Vice City Stories" games are quite interesting because the gameplay is quite interesting but the graphics of this game similar to GTA Vice City.Pokoknya The name "GTA" are behind "Stories" certainly the continuation game that last name does not exist "Stories".

"GTA IV" game 1 in the series sebelumnya.GamPlay, Graphics, and even a city like New York whose name in pelesetin into Liberty City, but this game is pretty awful because it should have: PS3, XBOX 360, and PC only . and for the PC must have a specification that more than Core2Duo Graphics of this game if not worse than Consolnya version.

GTA Liberty City Episodes From:
"From Episode GTA Liberty City" is a game that just came out in April of this and previous series also GTA IV, this game has a different character from the GTA series this game IV.Pokoknya Steady .....

GTA The Lost and Damned:
"The Lost and Damned GTA" game like "GTA Episodes From Liberty City" but this game has another story like a motorcycle gang ² like GTA San Andreas, but this game is quite realistic because we can take over enemy ² Stores.

GTA Ballad Tony Guys:
"Guys Tony GTA Ballad" is a series that tells people who behave strangely ² like Skip from the tall building using a parachute, etc..

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  1. salam kenal ..wah smakin keren aja.saya saja masih main gta 4 ampe sekarang .tadinya mau download gta episodes from liberty city .tapi nunggunya lama banget karna filenya gedhe dari padha gta 4. .

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