Senin, 22 Maret 2010

Two characters from Gears of war will appear in Lost Planet 2

Capcom has made ​​a surprise return to consumers some time ago, Xbox Live Video Market Place displays something about the Lost Planet 2 is quite inviting sign in Treaser tanya.Pasalnya mentioned perlihatkan2 Gears of Wars character is Marcus Fenix ​​and his friend Dom, turns out they are just a bonus playable character.

This is confirmed by the designer Cliff Bleszinski gears of war who said that he gave permission to the company Capcom to show Marcus and Dom as a cameo in Lost Planet 2. Most likely the emergence of Marcus And His buddy Dom is only restricted for XBOX 360 Console only. Unclear if Capcom will also give an exclusive character for the PS3 and PC version later.

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