Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

Xbox 360 Will Support 3D Game, But .....

Microsoft has stated that they are gaming consoles, the Xbox 360 is technically ready to run 3D berteknolgi content. However, Microsoft spokesman Albert Penello said that his company was the middle of wait and see attitude before embracing the relatively new medium was born to be, "Now, there are no technically we can not do for 3D technology. And the console fully supports 3D," said Penello . 'but we are still waiting for the right to immediately adopt the latest 3D games. this technology is still relatively new on the market, "he said.

Meanwhile, an analyst with EEDAR Jesse says that he does not expect 3D games to be a major tool in generating a healthy income for the industry in the short term, "We'll see many consumers in the television segment that is gradually moving to 3D TV, So is the game in 3D gaming consoles, "he said

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